Dr. Kari Anderson LPC - Owner and Founder

myBalancedLife is an integrative counseling practice that offers behavioral health care and counseling services for individuals and families who desire a balanced lifestyle. Clients can trust the care will be professional, compassionate and ethical, reflecting a strong value system.

Kari’s focus and training is in the treatment of eating related problem behaviors, although many of those practicing within the myBalancedLife Group have other specialties including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and marital issues within all age groups. We offer individual and group therapy using interventions such as:

EMDR **Dialectical Behavioral Therapy**Am I Hungry Mindful Eating for Binge Eating**Mending the Soul Trauma Recovery**Gottman Marriage Therapy

myBalancedLife is founded on faith based principles, we offer christian counseling services, yet we work with people from all faith backgrounds. Kari Anderson’s group of counselors work independently or under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Counselor. They are selected based on their experience and personal profiles congruent with myBalancedLife philosophies.

Please view the profiles of the counselors in our group practice and schedule with them directly by calling 623-879-7599 plus their extension or email them     @mybalancedlifecounseling.com            Services are By Appointment Only.

myBalancedLife employs four tenets of care:


Addresses physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health


Specialized care and programs for prescriptive treatment


Evidence-based treatment aimed at increasing client confidence and competence


Employs motivational theory aimed at accelerating the change process